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Tea Series Color Sorter

Sorting Machine for Green Tea

We are offering sorting machine for green tea which is widely used in tea industry. Our tea sorter are manufactured using premium quality materials and according to the international quality standards. These machines are available in various dimensions and can be customized as per the needs of the clients.

Tea color sorter machine

Sorting materials:Green Tea,Black Tea,White Tea,Yellow Tea,Pu’er ea,Oolong and Other Tea Varieties.


1、High speed, reliable bus communication, high signal consistency, strong anti-interference ability, which ensure stable and reliable system operation.
2、All in one touch screen based on ARM with 10.4 full color display screen, embedded with touch enabled OS, hommization UI, it’s convenient and flexible to operate.
3、High speed linear array CCD image sensor(2048pixel) with high precision image capture lens, customized image processing system will enable sorters to deal with spectrum parameters and shape feature of high speed imaging.
4、Reliable, durable, energy saving and environmental care, advanced LED light source.
5、Flat-slide, vertical material feeding system, double deck design and selectable, enable materials balanced drop, decreasing breakage rate, and to improve purity rate.