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CE Series Color Sorter

Why you need a PVC sorter from PET flake if you are in the PET recycling field

1. PET flake producer

If you produce PET flake and sell them, the price will somehow depend on how much PPM of your PVC, if you want to get a good price, you must to reduce the ratio of the PVC in your PET flake, so a PET sorting machine can increase your value.

2. PET Trader

If you buy the PET flake and sell it, a PVC sorter can reduce your PVC ration from you PET flake, after sorting, you can sell it at a better price.

3. Fiber Manufacturer or other factory who make product from PET flake

If you buy the PET flake and use them to make fiber, sheet, strap or bottle to bottle, sometimes you, will find that the PET flake from the buyer can not reach your requirement since the PVC percentage is too high and you can not use it.

With a PET PVC sorter machine, you can reduce the PVC content and use the material for production.

What we can we do for your PET recycling

1. With the PVC sorter from PET flake, we can separate the PVC/PP/PE/ABS/Rubber/Aluminum from your PET flake, the efficiency is 90-95%, capacity is 1-2T/H according to your PVC ratio

2. With our optical sorting machine, we can separate the brown and other off color from your PET flake.

Pick Up your PET sorting machine:

Rock 120L NIR Sorter
Rock F Optical Sorter
Rock X90 X-Ray PET-PVC Separator
Rock 55B X-Ray PET Bottle Sorter