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RD-C Series Rice Color Sorter

Excellent Features

1.2048 CCD color sensor – the minimum resolution of this sensor is increased to 0.15x0.2mm, and some tiny problems can be selected by using this sensor.
2.One key intelligent function – which makes the operation easier and faster, meanwhile users can enjoy the automaticity of this machine.
3.Thermostatic control heating system – this system is adopted in RD-C series color sorter for helping the machine operate in a steady and long-life way.
4.Import MEYER camera lens – it has ultrahigh resolution and satisfy the demand of refining.
5.LED light source – this light source is used in this machine for the feature of stability, long-life and checking accurately.
6.New color sorter air nozzle (4mm) – Optimal carrier ratio and the lowest gas consumption.
7.A strong extended function – it is able to realize remote centralized operation.
8.Fault automatic diagnosis system – RD-C series rice CCD color sorter uses this function for convenience to customer.
9.Optional triple sorting function – this advanced function can be achieve in ANCOO RD-C series rice CCD color sorter.


ANCOO RD-C series rice CCD color sorter is used for many different agricultural materials. The range of sorting includes the white sesame, flaxseed, parboiled rice (Sella), spilt chickpea (China Dal), lentils (Masoor Dal), brown rice etc.


the throughput and parameters may be different according to the contaminant and the raw material, and there will be no prior notice if the parameters change

Technical Parameter


RD5-CRice Color Sorter

RD7-C Rice Color Sorter

Air pressure (MPa)
Air Consumption (m3/min)
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)
2075 x 1564 x 2140
2625 x 1564 x 2140

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