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LI PET Plastic Color Sorter

Good Features

1.Innovative infrared technology — this technology supplies a superior plastic sorting and purification scheme.
2.The new infrared light source system — it brings high efficiency, long life time and lower cost for our customers.
3.High-speed near infrared sensor — a high resolution sensor is able to detect small plastic pieces.
4.Automatic image alignment algorithm — it can be used for analyzing the feedback processing and make the detection accurate.
5.Multiple high-speed ejector system — this system helps users obtain more precise culling, faster response and less production loss.
6.Original materials recognition algorithm — it is adopted in this sorter for purifying plastic flakes such as removing PVC and other impurities from the PET bottle flakes.
7.Advanced detection system — LI Series plastic color sorter can sort out PVC flakes, PE/PP bottle caps, rubber, aluminum flakes, PVC sealing film, ABS and other impurities from PET bottle flakes to enhance the purity.


ANCOO LI Series PET bottle flakes and material sorter can guarantee high quality selection and purification. With the innovative infrared technology, the machine is able to sort the materials more precisely.

Technical Parameter of PET Plastic Color Sorting Machine



Executing Unit
Throughput (t/h)
Voltage (V)
180~240 (50Hz)
Power of Main Machine (kW)
Air pressure (MPa)
Air Consumption (m3/min)
Dimension (L x W x H)(mm)
3510 x 2000 x 1990
Sorting rate (%)
90%~98% (≥4mm)

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