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Cereal Series Color Sorter

Grain Color Sorter Machine

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Grain Color Sorter Machine such as Rice Color Sorter Machine, Wheat Color Sorter Machine, ANCOO Color Sorting Machine, Cereal Grain Color Sorter Machine, Cashew Nuts Color Sorting Machine and Chickpeas Color Sorting Machine from China.

Backed by the sound experience of varied pros and cons of the market, we have been able to bring forth a range of Cereal Grain Color Sorter Machine. As the name suggests, these machines are extensively used in the cereal grain color sorting applications in the food industry. Available in variegated sizes, models and specification, all our machines are acknowledged for their low maintenance cost, hassle-free operations and longer functional life.

We are one of the supreme enterpriser in China managed to offering quality cereal color sorter machine, grains sorting equipment, rice color sorter to our respected customers. For suiting different kinds of raw materials, we adopts highly efficient sorting machinery to sort and separate a variety of grains, cereals, tea based on intelligent image processing algorithm including color and shape algorithm. 

ANCOO makes great use of optical color sorting technique to pursue better final products. Our provided cereal color sorter machine is made with imported 2048 Pixels CCD sensor that can detect little defects even smaller than 0.04mm2. With this excellent characteristic, every grains product can be well evaluated by our cereal sorter to achieve the sorting solutions of high accuracy and efficiency. 

ANCOO has developed nearly 40 years experience in colour separator for grains separation and processing. With the mature experience and ultra-tech mechanism of sorting technology, we promise to offer near zero defects to ensure high quality products for your needs of cereal sorting and processing certainly.