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CE Color Sorter


Focus, Triplus and Nexus are 3 huge-output optical sorter series specially developed to sort products with various optical deficiencies. During the product flow discoloration, deformation and foreign objects are detected and removed accurately. They can be used for sorting fresh/dried/wet or frozen fruits and vagetables (such as carrot, potato, soya bean), sea foods, confectionary as well as other big materials.


1. Main unit imported from Europe, core components are from high end suppliers: high precision, long service life, mature market experience, sucessful cases showing continuous usage of over 20 years.
2. Advanced sorting solutions regarding color, shape and structure: proving to increase finished product yield, advance output, improve quality, and the largest capacity can reach 60 tons/h;
3. Intuitive user image interface, stainless steel thickened body: easy operation and quick switch, corrosion resistance and availbale to water flush;
4. Multiple transport ways of feeder, tailor-made structure and software applicable to fresh, dry and frozen product.
5. High labor replacement rate: sharply reduct labor cost of traditional selecting way, achieve transformation and upgrading of automatic production.


Capacity will be different with different materials; For Focus and Triplus bigger sizes upon request.

Technical Parameter of Color Sorting Machine



Belt Width



4205*2650*2660 mm
8000 kg/h
5 kW
4205*3250*2660 mm
15000 kg/h
7.5 kW
3378*2818*2670 mm
7000 kg/h
6 kW
3378*3018*2670 mm
14000 kg/h
7.5 kW
5695*3530*2890 mm
18000 kg/h
10 kW
5695*3930*2890 mm
25000 kg/h
12 kW

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